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    Talking New Explorer Post Needs Help

    Hello! My name is Dan, and I am an Advisor for Perrysville Fire Dept. Explorers. We have a problem that many of you could help with. We are a small department And a new post. our explorers have been working very hard at fund raisers for gear and equipment, but it is a slow proseses. I am posting this letter to see if any departments would be able to donate old turnout gear and helmets. This is a very important part of training as you would allready know. Not just for safety, but it helps in the realism of the whole experince.
    I started my carrier in the fire service as an Explorer in the Seattle Fire Dept. And I feel it was the best experience I will EVER have, And i wish to pass this on to other young people who are interested.We would need gear for about 15 to 20. Anything would help. Please contact Dan by E-mail at danimal@bright.net Thank you!!!

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    Man, I would really like to help out and I believe in what you are doing. Unfortunately we "our dept." donates our used bunker gear to a less fortunate neighboring fire dept that is showing up to fires in blue jeans. They are a very small volunteer dept. with big hearts so I cant help ya with bunker gear. However, you are headed in the right direction. You might want to list this posting in serveral of the other forums and see what you get back.
    GOod luck and dont' give up.

    Yours Truly,
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    Default turnouts

    I'm also an explorer in california, and the way we get all of our gear is through donations of old gear from other firefighters. Yes, we do get gear from the shops, but all of my gear is hand-me-downs from firefighters in my department. Don't know if that helped at all, but i just thought i'd tell ya how we get our turn outs.

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    Try sending a letter to bunker gear manufactures. Ask them if they have just outfitted whole Depts, with new gear. Get the names of those depts. Send them that very same message on to the newly outfitted Dept. See if that avenue may be productive. I wish I could help with the donation thing but our gear is so far gone by the time we get it replaced that we are made to cut it up and toss it in the garbage.
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