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    Well, the first of my three buildings is now complete... and SO FAR SO GOOD!!!!! I was actually very impressed that my students were so respectful and cooperative with the problems that we did find.

    The best thing is that the staff is finding this all over campus... The funniest thing is something that I would have never thought would have been wrong... LIGHT BULBS...

    In the interest of better lighting, our students bring their own desk lamps.... which is fine... until the one girl put a 150 WATT bulb in a lamp that said the max should only be 60 WATTS... what made it worse... she's a firefighter back in her home town

    Anyway, thank you all so much for letting me stress out about the training and getting ready for all of this... now making this program grow will be much easier

    Thanks again and stay safe...


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    I have just finished doing te same type of program for my University. Email me at tg2583@alpha.rwu.edu and I wll sed you al of the stuff that I used and the hadouts we made. Hope this will help.

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    I'd like to say one last thank you to all of you who gave me a hand with information, a place to vent, or even a good laugh. The inspections went much better than any of us anticipated... only minor things like beds to close to heaters, and like I said before light bulbs...

    Again from the bottom of my helmet... thanks, stay safe, and have a really happy holiday season!


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    Default Campus Fire Safety

    There are a few organizations that specialize in fire safety on campus and student housing. CampusFireSafety.com offers student training programs and also has an annual conference dealing with; fire safety, law enforcement, and emergency medical services on the college campus.

    Visit CampusFireSafety.com for information.

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    Default College Inspection Software

    I am a Fire Marshal in NJ, I am a cunsultant for a company called Emergency Software Products. We have inspection software for colleges and a student tracking software package that keeps track of the student that live in the dorms. It will also site fire code violation for the individual student. If anyone is interested please feel free to contact me at wsmith@emergencysoftware.com or visit www.emergencysoftware.com

    William Smith
    Fire Marshal

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