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    Post Self Inspections

    We are a small one-station department. We do engine company inspections on all businesses annually. We are planning to change this a little. The plan is to inspect B occupancies every other year. This will allow us to do a more complete inspection as well as do a re-inspection. We would also like to have a self-inspection done by the owner/occupant on the off year. My questions are:

    1. Has anyone tried having businesses do a self-inspection
    2. Dose anyone have a copy of a self-inspection form
    3. Can this work

    Thank you for any information you can share.

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    I am a full time Firemarshal from NJ and I wouild not recommend a self inspection program for the Industrial areas. It like asking the fox to watch the chickens. I don't no how many businesses you have but I don't think self inspections will work.

    Does you state have a state wide fire code? And if so does the fire code spell out how many times an inspection must be performed.

    Bill Smith, Chief
    Fairfield Fire Prevention
    230 Fairfield Road
    Fairfield, NJ 07004


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    As a small staffed jurisdiction, we are unable to inspect business occupancies on a regular basis. We used the self-inspection report just this last year and it has worked out great. About 50% of the facilities responded. Considering the facility probably would not have an on-site inspection, this was a mode to get the "word" of fire prevention and safety to more facilities.

    If you want more information, email me with your fax number and I will fax you a copy of our report.


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    Hello gang,
    My last department was very small, however, we got out and made it a point to do inspections. We made it to all of them each year.
    My "opinion" as a two year fire inspector is what holds "self inspection" participants accoutable? What if they have to make a change to the way they store things or run there business or unblock a door? I cant see them going "damn, I have to make myself unblock that exit and I need to stop using the hundreds of extinsion cords I have through out my place." NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. I think it waist there time and mine.
    Just my thoughts.

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