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    Post Company inspections

    Looking for training outlines, ideas, etc. on training personnel for in-service (company) inspections. I am developing a training program to bring our line personnel up-to-speed on basic inspections (oil burners, single-family homes, rentals, etc)and would like any ideas that are out there.

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    I came up with a form of common violations that we find in our jurisdiction and listed the code site for the inspector to reference. You might want to put your own number on the form in case they need some translation direction in the event that they have to "pull book".

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    I'm a Fire Official in NJ and we have been using fire inspection software for about 7 years now. We also use Pen computer for the field. The company that does our software is Emergency Software Products, Inc.

    I also do sales for them oin the side. If you want I could send you a demo disk

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    You can find everything you need to train your inspectors by purchasing the 5th edition of the ifsta Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement Manual

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