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    Question My own code or the Uniform Fire Code.

    Just curious, but often I find myself wanting to enforce my own code of safety, however, when I look it up in the Uniform Fire Code it says the occupant can do it (what ever is at question.)
    Want an example? I thought so:
    Recently a manager of a resturant changed the lock on his main door to a double side key lock instead of a "thumb latch" on the inside. I got to thinkin "now that can not be right!" Oh sure, he has the typical dummy sign up that says "This door to remain unlock during business hours" per the code but what happens if a guest,delivery man, employee gets trapped at that door without the key to unlock it? I would want that individual to be able to simply reach up and unlock the "thumb latch".
    Now, I could make an amendment but is it really fair?
    Well, I went to our fire prevention engineer and he had an interesting point. He said, What happens if a guest or an arsonist can easily reach up to the thumb latch and lock the door, set the place on fire trapping the occupants until they can have visibility to see the latch or feel it.
    I don't know! Tell me what you think.
    Are there examples that you have ran into in your every day inspections or believes that are similar to this?

    Yours Truly,
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    Most of the model codes have language that states all doors in assembly uses shall be openable from ther direction of travel awithou the use of special key or knowledge. Have had simialr problems and concerns, but have effectively delth with issues but asking the store owner, if you did not have your keys and the fire or other condition prevented from using the other door how would you get out. They usually stand around for a bout two seconds and tell me they will change the lock over to a thumb latch right away. Only had two in 16 years that gave trouble about the locks.

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