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    Post Residential Sprinkler Systems...who has 'em?

    I was just thinking about this. How many of you have a sprinkler system in your homes, particularly bedrooms? I know that residential sprinkler systems are becoming more and more frequent. When I was checking out my dorm room for the first time I noticed it lacked them. Now, I am just curious to see how many of you do have them, especially in residential homes. And, if you do have them, were they there when you bought the house or did you install them?

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    We currently have a local ordinance that states if your home is over 6000 sq. ft. then you have to sprinkler it and monitor it with a fire dept. approved system. Other than that we do very little in the homes and residents of our community except curtesy home fire safety inspections.

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    Not exactly on topic...but anyway...

    I just found out that in a nearby town where I recently became the (p/t) fire inspector, there is a small hotel that's recently been sold after having been closed for about 18 months. New owners doing some renovations, and I stopped in. During the inspection, lo and behold the sprinkler system WAS NEVER HOOKED UP TO A WATER SUPPLY! No FD connection, either. Apparently they ran out of money.

    I've heard of this stuff before, but this was the first time I'd ever seen it.

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    I guess this fits here, it is an amusing story about a State Fire Safety Inspector for Ohio who was building a new house. She took great pride while she was doing her inspections in telling EVERYONE about her new house and how she was making it a point to have a residential sprinkler system installed during the construction. It got to the point where everyone that ran into her had to hear about it and many of us would comment behind her back about how much she loved her new sprinkler system.

    After the house was built, she suddenly stopped bragging about it. It was very obvious and seemed odd not to continue to hear about how great it was and how smart she was for taking this extra effort to protect her beautiful new home. Finally, someone couldn't stand it anymore and had to ask her how her sprinkler system was working out. Much to our amusement (and her chagrin), she had to explain that the system was great, however her home owner's insurance rates were increased because she had installed the residential sprinkler. The insurance company cited potential for water damage as the reason for the increase!!!

    I don't know if she kept the same insurance or if they have changed their stand. As great of an idea as I think they are, I suppose you should check with your insurance carrier first before you invest in installing one.

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    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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