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    Thumbs down Luminaries

    Does anyone have any experience with so-called "luminaries" used around the holidays? We have a group (First Night celebration) that has started lining Main Street with small votive candles burning in closed white paper bags. The bags have sand in the bottom of them the (theoretically)to keep them steady.

    The bags are placed every 10 feet or so along the sidewalks, including the walks leading to performance venues, which are mostly assembly occupancies. They burn from dark until after midnight.

    I have written to the group expressing grave concerns for obvious reasons. But I have to acknowlege that I can find no legal or code reason that we can stop them. Other than keeping exits clear, etc., there seems to be no code prohibitions.

    While I admit they are attractive, I think they are a disaster waiting to happen.

    Any thoughts?

    Stay Safe.
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    firefighteranne Guest


    We see them in our community too--as a matter of fact, last weekend. However, unlike you, they line the sidewalks of a certain residential neighborhood, so there is no pedestrian traffic to speak of, only vehicle traffic. I agree with you, it doesn't sound like a very good idea to use them where there are pedestrians. I would pose the question to them whether the group had insurance to cover any mishaps that might occur. That at least usually makes them think a little bit. I might even go so far as to drop a dime to the insurance carrier, expressing my concern (if they do even have insurance for it.) If it is in front of the business, is the organization assuming the business' insurance will cover it? And what about the city's insurance carrier? See where I'm going with this?

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    chf jstano Guest


    Some of the local churches have used them here during their holiday celebrations for a number of years. I've never seen any real problems. Granted, they're usually stuck in a snowbank . Your N.H. cimate should be pretty similar to ours this time of year. Actually I can't even remember them blowing over in a high wind. It's probably something to keep an eye on, but I wouldn't lose too much sleep over it. STAY SAFE!!

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    Tcashel Guest



    Yes Have seen them for many years. Many in Florida. Typically in Warmer climates but have seen them used for Xmas Parties along side walks etc. Most at Single family homes. No code provison for sinlge family homes (owner-occupied) in NJ. However, in commerical /assembly uses I have considered them open flames and that requires a permit and inspection. sand in bottom of bags for stability and on non combustible surfaces with no combustible within 12 inches. General guidelines. Common sense prevail. Like anything esle, if you use them wisely htem can work with no problems. To say that they are a disastor waiting to happen, why not ban candles, grills and any other similar devices.

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