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    Okay, people, if we want to see this forum get more recognition, we need to throw out some new topics now and then--so here goes another one...

    How good are you about starting any of your safety presentations or classes with a brief introduction of what the fire alarm sounds like and where the fire exits are?

    Case in point--several members of my department attended a fire school out of town, where different classes were being taught. For the heck of it, I asked several people if their instructor had pointed out the exits or discussed the fire alarm system. None had! Now how can we expect the general public to get in the habit of locating fire exits if we in the fire service don't practice what we preach?

    Thoughts or comments please...

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    Captain Gonzo
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    If I am giving a fire safety presentation, I do point out to the audience where the fire exits are for the building.

    As a force of habit, I check out all of the exits whenever I go into an unfamiliar building and as part of my fire safety talk encourage the audience to do the same.

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    Captain Gonzo

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    Another good idea. I'll start using that one, too.

    Stay Safe.
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    Out of the multitude of out-of-town classes we've taken, I've only had one instructor who ever did that!! Like Gonzo, it long ago became an automatic reaction of ours to check out the fire exits, but it would be nice to see more instructors point that out. Good subject, Anne!!

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    chf jstano
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    In discussing exits a few years ago,at a presentation at our new elementery school,an interesting fact was learned.All the rooms have emergency exit windows,and kids being kids,after we pointed them out,they wanted to try them.It was soon discovered that in about 1/4th of the 30 rooms in the building that screens were improperly installed over the exit windows.(my 6'4"-250# couldn't budge them!) Needless to say the building maintainance folks were kept busy for a few hours thereafter. It just goes to show not to take exits for granted that they are clear and will work.
    I would agree,Anne,that a discussion of alarms and exits should be a part of any fire safety presentation. After all,we must practice what we preach. STAY SAFE!

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