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    Post Using TV to teach Children

    Would appreciate some input in preparing a tv spot aimed at children specifically about the dangers in playing with fire.
    Most of the visual stuff I have seen make it a game ex:fanny flame etc.
    I am aware of the "fire is a tool" and "what to do if you find a match or cigarette lighter" messages etc.
    Should I approach this news story more realistically?After all kids watch TV and see some pretty awful stuff.
    Would appreciate any suggestions.

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    You have a lot of different ways you would go. One way might be role-playing--what a child should do if they find matches or lighters. I would not demonstrate what could happen, that is, light a fire with the found matches or lighter, for fear that the child would want to try that stunt themselves. Whatever angle you use, I would try to keep it positive--what to do, rather than what not to do. For example, instead of "DON'T play with matches," go with "if you see matches, tell an adult."

    I also would not miss the chance to address the topic to adults--the importance of them putting up matches and lighters, especially if there are smokers in the house. I would throw some statistics out to them. Just last week we had a family of three killed in Iowa, started by a 3-year-old with a lighter.

    Good luck, and I commend you for your efforts! Thanks also for posting the topic!

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    Thumbs up

    I would like to see increase participation and feedback on this subject. I have had the opportunity to discuss this topic with ffields through emails and I have to tell you guys that he has the know how to produce this. We need to help him as much as possible. We are all working for the same goal and ffields has the vehicle to gets us there even though it may not be in your area. So please, if you have some feedback that will help him it would greatly appreciated.

    For better fire safety,
    Arguing with a fire inspector is like rolling in the mud with a pig, you soon realize the pig enjoys it.

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