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    Tom Erwin
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    I will be purchasing a number of CO detectors for installation thru my FD. I would appreciate any information/comments anyone has on what to look for in a co detector. We will only be able to buy battery operated types. Thanks in advance.

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    Haven't seen a battery operated CO detector yet that I cared for. Who made that decision? If you can change their mind, I own a NIGHTHAWK and am very pleased with its performance.

    Richard Nester
    Orrville (OH) Fire Dept.

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    The Snake Man
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    I like the ones with the read out so that I can counsel individuals over the phone. CO is not one of those things that is immediately dangerous. So, before I drive out to some of our rural areas I will have the home owner take it to A. a different location in the house and read it. B. Take it outside and see if it clears the read out. C. Ask them what the read out is.
    Now, if there are sypmtoms of illness then we get a crew out there immediately but not if there CO is just going off for no apparent reading. Ive spend alot of time in homes only to find that they didn't change the battery or something of that nature....ie "well, I forgot to tell you that it started going off 2 minutes after my husband dropped it on the floor or something like that.

    Does that help?

    For better fire safety,
    Arguing with a fire inspector is like rolling in the mud with a pig, you soon realize the pig enjoys it.

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    Tom Erwin
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    The reason for the battery type is really trifold. 1. we will be working under a grant program that specifies battery type. 2. We have learned that in the times of power failures there is an increase in the incidences of CO problems (from generators or kerosene heaters which are not allowed anyway). 3. Most of the homes that we will be installing them in are older and lack enough plugs which will add to the "octopus" or increase the use of extension cords (both of which are problems that we preach against).

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    Tom Erwin
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    Snake Man,
    Thanks for the help, I appreciate it, and yes it helps. Thanks again.

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