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    Wink adopt-a-firefighter

    I would like to hear from other departments who do an "adopt-a-firefighter" program in their schools.

    We use one in our volunteer department, with almost one-half of the department agreeing to be "adopted" by a preschool or elementary class. They serve as resource persons for our fire safety education program.

    We give the class an adoption certificate with the firefighter's picture and other information (favorite foods, family, pets, etc).

    I'd like to hear if anyone else does something like this, so we can possibly improve what we're already doing.

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    I have never heard of this program, but it sounds real beneficial, getting the community and even better our youth involved with Fire prevention and safety. Sounds like a wonderful program, keep up the good work...Stay safe!

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    This sounds like a great and innovative idea. Can you please provide more info on what types of activities the adoptive class and the adoptee share? How much time is typically required of each member?

    Thanks for the insight. Don't hesitate to click or call.

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    Where do I sign? What a great idea! Can you please give me more info on how I set it up and what is the ff time commitment?

    For better fire safety,
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    Thumbs up

    We use the NFPA's Learn Not to Burn program in our preschool through 3rd grade classes. A firefighter and a classroom "adopt" each other--sometimes he/she has a child in the class, sometimes not.

    With the Learn Not to Burn program, the teacher teaches the actual fire safety lessons. The teacher may ask the firefighter at any time to come in and teach one of the lessons. Eating lunch with the class is a very popular activity (every firefighter I know likes to eat, and school lunch isn't all that bad.) This also works well for the firefighter who is afraid to get up and talk in front of children--you're not going to get a word in edgewise! The possiblilities are endless and is up to whatever the firefighter is comfortable doing, such as bringing one of the trucks to school, joining the class at the tour of the fire station, inviting the class to their place of work (we're volunteer), having a question-and-answer period, bringing their favorite children's fire book and reading it to the class, and even building birdhouses. It doesn't have to be a lot of visits.

    One of my favorite stories, the first year we did this program, was about a little second-grade boy. Two of us went to have lunch with his class, and we ate in the classroom to make it more special. When this one boy finished his lunch, he went over to the other firefighter to show him a book about fire safety. I snapped a picture of the two talking, and it was a really neat picture--the two were oblivious I was even there. When I showed it to the principal later, he looked at it and said, "you know, that's really nice. That little boy doesn't have a dad in his life." That's when it occurred to me that it's more than just lunch to these kids.

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