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    Question residential sprinkler systems?

    I was wondering if anyone has adopted a residential sprinkler system ordinance in ther community, or if your community offers any incentives to citizens who will install a system in new construction or retrofit an exsisting home.

    Thanks for replys.

    Fireman Phil of the Show Me State

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    Hey Phil,

    You probably already know, but Cobb County Ga. was the leader in this field. If not, I would suggest you contact them for information. I was at a seminar a few years back, and the Chief spoke about how his Department went about getting legislation passed, and the positive effects it has had on his community.

    Stay safe,

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    Plymouth Township has had a sprinkler ordinance since 1994. It was enacted just after One Meridian Plaza. The original intent was to get our high rise structures sprinklered.

    The ordinance was amended again in 1997, and while we lost all single family detached dwellings constructed with out engineered joists (read truss), almost all new buildings regardless of size or occupancy require sprinklers. There are five exceptions and I would be happy to share our ordinance with you.

    Care should be taken when allowing plastic pipe to be used. All personnel even remotely involved in it's installation should go through the BFGoodrich Blazemaster program. It takes two hours and is provided free of charge.

    I wish you luck.

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