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    Question Fire prevention or fight fires???

    So, I received a disturbing letter today from the Assistant Chief of a department in New York State today saying he belives it is better to fight numerous fires rather then have an active fire prevention program. His exact words were
    Are we Firefighters or School Teachers? I'd
    rather have a crappie Fire Prevention Program and see more fire then have a
    good one and see no fire ever.
    What are the thoughts on this subject among the rest of the world? I personally belive having a successful fire prevention program is the key.

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    And was his first name Neanderthal?

    I'm afraid that attitude does still exist with some firefighters. However, he needs to join the 21st century and leave those old attitudes behind.

    Personally, I find people like that are looking for an argument. Instead, I just shake my head and laugh at them. He's about as outdated (and safety conscious) as the Ford Pinto.

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    This guy needs replaced. He is dangerous and a disgrace to the fire service. Sounds like a chief in a neighboring county...His engine company was late coming in to a job, so he took lighter fluid from the house and reignited a fire so his crew could see some fire. Worse part was, other companies were overhauling the upstairs and became trapped. This chief was arrested and his career is over.

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    I wrote an editorial once that focused on the fact that "We're the only business in business to put ourselves out of business."

    The Assistant Chief's comments were immature and irresponsible. Maybe he should submit his beliefs to his local newspaper and pass them on to his local government. If they have any sense, he'll never command or fight another fire again.

    You can check out my editorials at www.onscenemarketing.com.

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    Best way to fight fire is to prevent them. Id rather see few fires and spend more time training and doing prevention activities so that we can better act when we have incidents we cant prevent.

    The firefighters that like fire particularly big fires and think that they are only there to fight fires need to be educated that they are still dealig with someone's HOME. Treat every home as you would want yours treated.

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    Pretty scary attitude. Do his FFs wear SCBA? Or do they roll their beards up into their mouths to filter out the smoke?

    Stay Safe.
    You asked for my opinion, now you have it. Any similarity to another opinion, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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    Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man needs some help.......Even with the best prevention Fires occur....but not as often and I think with fewer fatalities of those people we are employed by...not the mayor or city council but the citizens who pay the taxes that pay my salary. They deserve the best I can give in any area of service.

    C. Carpenter AKA Firedog1

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    "The hardest fight we as firefighters have is the fire that has yet to start."

    This one statement is how I start my fire prevention class I give to both my dept and the local PTA at the school once a year. I think that Fire Protection starts long before the flames show up, and if you disagree then you are not in the right business. Besides if you are so gung-ho to dance with the devil just go to your local training facility and do some training in the smoke house. Why would any person want someone else to lose everything they have worked for just so that first person can 'prove' how good a "firefighter" they can be?

    Knisely, I truly hope that "chief" was not only charged with arson but also with attempted murder of those fire fighters that were trapped upstairs!!!! Sorry but there can be no room for that kind of STUPIDITY in this business. It's too easy to get someone killed.

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    Oh Lord! I hope this man looses his position quick. He's a walking Fire Hazard!

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    As a fire investigator in a large urban city, I have had the opportunity to respond to a lot of fires. I've seen hundreds of people made homeless, lives forever changed, and unfortunately, lives lost through the tragedies fire causes. As part of my investigations I have interviewed hundreds of victims and every one of them wished the fire hadn't happened. Maybe if we start looking at it from the citizens' point of view instead of our own, we would understand why prevention is so important.

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    I would just like to start by saying, I would not want to be a firefighter under that Chief. He problem puts more people in danger including his own firefighter.

    I have been in the fire service for 20 years, 19 of which have been in fire prevention. Fire Safety always starts with prevention. From making fire inspections and enforceing the State Fire Codes to Educating the public about fire safety.

    I also am a Chief Officer and respond to fire calls. The best kind of fire is no fire, this way everyone wins. No one gets hurt.

    There always will be fires to fight, but the real job is to prevent them before they start.

    William F. Smith, Chief
    Fairfield Fire Prevention
    Township of Fairfield
    230 Fairfield Road
    Fairfield, NJ 07004


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    This reminds me of a chief from my area many years ago, that was in charge of a rescue dive team. They had been looking for a drowning victim for at least a couple of days before they found the body in this gravel quarry. After they had put the body in the boat, he thought it would be a good opportunity to see how their new "fish finder" would work for body recovery, and he dumped the body back in the water! This was in full view of the family. The Sheriff's Deputy that was with the dive team nearly threw this guy into the water after the body. He told him that the only reason he didn't arrest him for abuse of a corpse was because of the negative publicity for the team. He should have done it anyway.
    As for this guy, he better realize that it's always gonna be cheaper to prevent 'em than to fight 'em.

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    Not much use replying to utter stupidity!!!!

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    What wrong with his letter?

    Just kidding!

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    Thumbs down

    That asst.chief is not helping getting
    FirePrevention to the top..He needs to be
    put at a desk job were he won't hurt anybody.. Better yet see how he would like his house to burn up..
    Sounds like some firefighting personnel
    that I know who hate it when you have a call
    with a reported fire and that fire is put out with a fireextinghiser by a worker or
    someone else,they want the extinghisers taken
    out of the bulidings so people can't use them
    and put there fire out..
    It is a shame that this mentality still is
    around.. They must have a death wish..
    Firepersonnel being killed every year
    don't seem to change their minds,never mind
    the children...
    I for one wish there were no fires if pos.
    Tired of seeing death & peoples homes being
    burned up when you can prevent most of it
    from happening.. No Fire is a good Fire..

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