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    Angry McDonalds Cooking Hoods

    I have found that caulking being used on the inside of hoods being installed in McDonalds restaurants is not rated.
    If I have read the relevant NFiPA sections correctly the caulking should be at least 1500 degrees. I used a normal butane lighter and it burned well. Butane burns at around 720.(I think)
    I have 2 questions. Does anyone agree with me that the caulking has to be rated and has anyone else found this to be a problem?

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    Jim Foley ACFD
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    The hood should not be caulked, all interior seems are required to be continuous liquid tight welds. The gasket at the connection of the duct colar must be rated to 1500F. We had a simular problem with Mickey D's

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    For what it is worth, we require the same standards as Jim has mentioned.

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    This is verrrry interesting... I'm going to have to have a closer look at the McDonalds around here... We enforce NFPA 96, which, as Jim pointed out, requires liquid-tight welds. I'm curious, where in the hood were the caulked seams or connections?

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