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    Question Fire Prevention at a High School

    What do some of you guys out there do for Fire Prevention at high schools? Currently we do a program at the elementry and middle schools. We are considering going to the high school in November. Part of the purpose of going to the high school is to also see if we can get any new blood interested in the FD. I would like to hear what some of you do out there.

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    Well, as a kid one year out of high school, and not a firefighter, I would say that the program would have to be a very mature one, as HS kids loose interest really fast if you lecture them about fire safety in my opinion. What would you plan on including in the program? They are too old in my opinion to be told not to play with matches, I have known that since kindergarten. I think if you want to get people interested in the fire service or the local fire company, then go into the schools and present your program that way, as a program designed to recruit kids into the fire service. The military does it, heck, even the local police department had posters up in my HS, and for three days last semester, a different police department set up a booth in the student center where I go to college. That's just my opinion, but I am curious as to what you had in mind, on a more specific level as to what the HS program might entail. Can you post us some details, thanks!

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