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    Default night time fire inspections

    Does anyones Fire Marshal's Office do nightime inspections on a regular basis? What is the justification for this? Is it a regular assigned shift or just on an as-needed basis?

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    We do on Saint Patrick's Day because of the large crowds that tend to occur in the night clubs and taverns on that day. Other than that, we don't have a regular schedule for night-time inspections. BUT, Montgomery County's Fire Code Enforcement Office might still do after-hours inspections (they called theirs CENT for Code Enforcement Night Team). Their Inspectors used to do evening and night inspections on a regular basis. If you want to contact their office, go to this link:http://www.co.mo.md.us/dfrs/firecode/
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    I have performed several inspections at night on a overtime basis, for occupancy on big bar nights. In addition to the above reply I have conducted inspections at night to assist large commercial buildings (Meijers and the like) in an attempt to provide a very complete inspection. Busness that are open 24/7 do not like to stop business because of an emergency generator test, pump or even alarm test.

    We were very carful though, to not promote doing night inspections on a regular basis for several reasons: First, safety, there could be several things missed at night on the exterior of the building. This is also very critical when on roofs. Inspections at night could also lead to missing necessary site information like site access, hydrants and even addressing. Overall I found it is best not to do night inspections (We also did not want the guys on shift to loose down time and be forced to do inspections all night long) Any questions give me an e-mail


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    We do regular night inspections. They're mostly night assembly checks. We mainly are checking that places aren't being overcrowded, but also will check basic firesafety items (extinguishers, exit lights, blocked exits, etc). It is amazing what you find at night when nobody is expecting you. It serves as an excellent reminder to keep track of how many people are in the place of assembly. I think the public also likes to see us keeping on eye on everbody's safety.

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    We do routine night inspections. Durham is a College town so regular inpsctions of the funtion rooms in the Greek houses is a must. We also inspect the local bars and some rental properties. These inspections are done on overtime by prevention and administration. The line personnel a well versed in fire prevention and often notice hazardous conditions while answering alarms. Any questions please e-mail me
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