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    I need some help on this one. I am a new volunteer chief and have been asked to inspect a printing factory with a new addition. Is there a certain size of building that needs a sprinkler system? I can't seem to find this in any of the books at the station. Thanks for any help.
    Jeff Matthews
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    The first thing you need to know is, what Fire code has your city, township or state adopted. NFPA? State Fire and Building code? Then you need to refer to those requirements, research how to enforce the code in your area. Most state level Fire Marshals will be of great assistance. But the most important point in this is to be involved in the planning stages of building and commercial additions. If you go in now, after construction and point out that a sprinkler system is required and not in place, you better have your ducks in a row. I learned this awhile back. If you're in an incorporated area, get your local government on your side, that can make a big difference if a battle comes up. Above all stick to your guns on code enforcement, it's in place for a reason. Like it or not, your in a political arena now.

    Good Luck, Frank
    Chief Frank Rizzio
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