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    Post Survive Alive House

    Would like information about Survive Alive House.

    Cost to build, floor plan, how many people do you service in a day, month, year, etc?

    What is operation cost? What hours do you run it?

    What age group do you provide service too?

    What are the pros and cons?

    Any information provided would be very helpful.

    You can email me at: moliver@cwftx.net

    or call me at (940) 761-7907


    Antoinette Hastings
    Assistant Fire Marshal
    Wichita Falls Fire Department, Wichita Falls, Texas
    Antoinette Hastings
    Assistant Fire Marshal
    Wichita Falls, Texas

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    Got to www.scottyrv.com and check out their safety house. We have one in our county that we borrow for fire prevention and it works pretty well. You can only fit 1-12 kids at once and it takes 15 minutes to run them through it properly.

    Hope you have around $20,000 to spend or can get corporate sponsors.

    Good luck.
    Steve Dragon
    FFII, Fire Instructor II, Fire Officer I, Fire Appartus Driver Operator Certified
    Volunteers are never "off duty".

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