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    Post Fire extinguisher training

    I am considering starting a fire extinguisher training class for small business's. Any input would be great. Off duty extra income type thing.

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    Our Dept started doing it about a year ago as part of our fire pervention program. We only charge what it costs to re-charge the exitnguishers and cover other costs. First we show a Work place safety video that covers extinguishers as well as Fire plans etc, about 20 min long. Then I recap the important points of the video ( P.A.S.S. and so on) and relate it to the class at that time and the work place They work at. Then we pass out a quiz ( 12 questions), Go over it orally then everyone gets to put out a fire with an ABC extinguisher.We have a pan with a burner in it that we cover with water, hooked up to a propane tank. 1 safety man on the valve and one instructor. the whole thing takes about 60 to 90 min, depending on how many people you have.
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    Programs that I have been involved with are very similar to those details thatGPM stated. The program we developed, was for free, the owner had the obligation to provide fire extingusihers. We would give them a comprehensive list of the areas fire extinguisher companies and have them contact the company to get extinguishers for the training. We provided a very detailed form which indicated the number of extinguishers based on the number of people. Also we had a 4'x8' fuel pan that we would use with diesel/gasoline mixture. This way the people in the class actually had to do the right thing in order to put out the fire. We would also demonstrate a water can on class A fires and the like,

    Good luck

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    Check with your local fire extinguisher companies to see if they have any videos that you can use for "research" If you will be trying this for profit, you might want to have the business supply the extinguishers, while you supply the fuel. Depending on local codes, you might consider making or investing in a burn tray and use diesel fuel. Just some ideas.
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    If you have a large business in town you can find out when fire exitnguishers are going out for 6 or 12 year maintenance. You can ask if you can use these fire extinguishers for training prior to sending them out. Around here a 6 or 12 year maintenance is the same price if the extinguisher is sent full or empty. It can save you a few bucks on fire extingusher recharge and reduce cost of the class.
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    Here in our dept. We use the businesses fire extinguishers,and we provide the fuel and the burn pit. We show a short tape and then do a review of the tape and answer any questions. Then we take everyone outside for the practical part. We light the fuel and have one firefighter with full turnout gear standing by. We let each member of the class have there turn at using the extinguishers.

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