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    Default Motivating Volunteer Dive/RQ Teams?

    I am looking for some fresh ideas on how to motivate our Volunteer Dive/RQ team. We have had some form of Dive/RQ team now for over 25 years but as in the past, the calls for a real dive related emergencies are so few and far between, it is hard to get them to keep going in the zero visibility water? What is a team to do?

    Lt. Dave DeLibro
    Trumbull Center FD
    Trumbull, CT

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    we have the same problem one thing we do is have "real life" training sit. in the cold
    no vis water. it is hard to keep a team motivated with a low call volume. but if you have training.....not enough to burn them out but to keep them excited you can even have a few "real" calls to have them respond as a team then let them go for it like an actual call.

    good luck and please let me know what happens.

    Corey J. Molinelli NREMT
    Asst. Fire Chief

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