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    What is everybody useing for their diver to tender rope signals? I know there are at least 3 differant standards out there.

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    JIMIE3 Guest


    I like to follow the KISS method. Use the OATH method

    1tug =OK. Can be to ask if OK and to answer
    2 tug = Advance ie give me rope
    3 tug= Take up rope. I'm coming back
    4 tug = HELP.

    Hope this helps

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    tydon Guest


    OATH is what is used in confined space rescue and is easy to remember.

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    e33 Guest


    Hmmm, I may be spoiled, but my vote goes for a communications system. Always had one to use, never had to rely on tugging a rope. I think it makes alot more sense to have a system that allows you to have voice contact rather that unreliable rope signals. I'm not going to go into pro's and con's of each, but like i say...theres less chance of erroneous signals. Don't do dive rescue here, but we are well equipped for con-space rescue-recovery.

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