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    Post Diver's nighmare

    Just want to know about the following:
    1. What are the ways to cope with fear and stress when searching for dead bodies underwater?
    2. How should you retrieve a dead body from a depth of 60ft and deeper.
    3. Are the submersible thing with rotors helpful in searching for the victim?
    Good luck to all.

    In service,

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    1. Same way you cope with stress and fear when you search a burning building for them. Be both mentaly and phyically prepared for the task. Losing your head with 80' of water on top of you is hazardous to your heath.
    2. Lift bags with netting to support the body work. Just try not to damage the body any worse than it already is. A body that has been under for any length of time will fall apart very easily. 120' is currenly my max depth. You can go deeper on Tri-mix but you need special training for that. I'm not sure the max depth for Tri-mix but it exceeds 200'. Don't forget the risk you are taking to recover a body, you don't want to join them.
    3. Remember when you do a recovery operation that you want to be thorough. Your search needs to be slow and exact. If you are riding around on a sled you could blow by a car and not know it. You also could easily lose track on the distance you have traveled which will lead to a screwed up search pattern.
    Now lets talk visibility, sleds are nice if you are pleasure diving in Bermuda and visibility is 100'+. Put yourself in the delta where you can't see your hand. In that type of situation a sled would be useless.

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