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    Thumbs up Swift Water and Ice Rescue Raft

    I have come across a new type of water rescue craft which so far is the best thing on the market for low head dams and ice rescues. It can be carried on a truck uninflated, taking up only 2 cubic ft and weighing only 50 lbs. It can be inflated off your SCBA tank in less than a minute. This raft can perform rescues on ice quickly and safely. Can actually go into a low head dam without flipping and stay in the keeper so you can perform the rescue. You have to see the video to beleive. And at a cost of less than a motor for a Zodiac, it is a great value. One of the best things is a rescue can be performed with just a few men, instead of six companies to hold the ropes. Again, until you see the video, it is hard to explain. Go to WWW.OCEANID.COM to take a look or email me.


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    Go into a low head damn to do a rescue?!?!? No thank you. Bad idea to think that thats a viable option in my opinion.

    The opinions and views expressed herin are solely mine and not on the behalf of any department or organization I belong to.

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    i'd agree with e33 on this one. there are much better ways to do a low head rescue without putting the rescue team in jepardy. looks like a nice ice rescue boat though and i'm sure would have other valuable uses as well.

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    I know you guys think I am full of it and all your training says not to go into low head dams. Yesterday we trained on this raft with the Denver FD and took it into a small low head dam and then, with two men in it, pulled it over the top of the dam using on two men, one on each line. Until you see the hydralic on this raft, you won't believe it. OCEANID has developed a platform to perform this rescue. Ten years ago, no one would have beleived you could see in thick smoke. But now you can. Take a look before you give up. The video is amazing. Denver FD now wants to buy two. Colorado Springs FD want to eventually put one on every engine.

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