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    Jeff Daigle Guest

    Post Radios @ PWC's

    I am looking for any information/product that will allow the rescuer to hear and talk on a walkie. We have tried several different options and none of them worked well. The chief hates it when we soak a $2000. walkie.

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    SBFire333 Guest


    Take a look at a Galls mag., they have water proof cases and they also float.... They also have a website...

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    NCRSQ751 Guest


    I agree with the waterproof cases, we have several - but on hover crafts - or any loud craft you still have a problem with hearing. We have gotten earphones w/mikes that can be worn with helmets. There are several on the market and they are great for things like this!

    Susan Bednar
    Captain - Forsyth Rescue
    North Carolina Strike Force 1

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    Jeff Daigle Guest


    We have the waterproof bags. We tried some aftermarket ear pieces but they don't hold up. I'm trying to get the protech helmets and the ear and mic adapters. I don,t know how well that will work.

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    M G Guest


    Signatronics (avail from CMC) makes water rescue headsets. If memory serves correct they are compatible with pro-tec brand helmets. Haven't tried 'em but they look nice.

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    Default Submersible VHF

    We have a pretty active water team and have 2 kawasaki jet skis.
    Our protocol dictate each PWC has a handheld VHF locked on 17# ( desingated SAR channel) our team commander is at the Command post with the same.
    ICOM, standard horizon and all major marine electronics manufacturers make submersible vhf, Ours are Standard Horizon HX500 with a water proof speaker mic and this seems to work for us.

    While I am posting we have had a difficult time getting standardized material and research to develop our SOGs for PWC, We operate in surf and calm bays in the cooler water of the NorthEast. if any one has info to share would be appreciated.



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    Default Waterproof Radios

    Take a look at the "Ocassional Swimmer" Kit that Swat Headsets has :

    The systems is made to get wet.

    Mark Phillips

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