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    Question Diver S.O.G.'S

    Can anyone help me? I am a captain in Fenton, MO and I have been tasked to take over the Dive Team. Our team has been in operation for 15 years and no S.O.G.'S have been established. We respond to all types of water emergencies. Please email me copies of your or fax them to me.Thank you.

    Captain Ochoa
    Springdale Fire and Rescue

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    ADSN/WFLD Guest


    Check out the book

    by Walt Hendrick

    PennWell 2000

    it has a lot of useful info for both new and experienced team memers

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    joec6613 Guest


    My department is in the process of starting a dive team, and has no SOG's at this time. We are looking for SOGs for response & training.
    Thank you

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    firemedic95 Guest


    Check out the web site they have a very in-depth SOP for dive rescue/recovery team.

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    Firediver Guest

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    Check out Dive Rescue International. They can put you onto a book on setting up SOP's specifically for dive teams.

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    MarkP Guest

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    For the last five years I have been administrating the SOP project. It is a private endevor whose purpose is to help dive teams write or modify their dive sops.
    Curently I have over 100 dive team sops on file and offer them in select groups to anyone who needs help. Please contact me directly at and request SOP Help. Remember to describe your team and department so I will have an idea of what you need. The June issue of Fire Engineering contained a very detailed article on Div Team SOPs and Defensive training. It will provide you with good fundamentals.

    The SOP Project is free for the asking. If your team has existing SOPs, please feel free to send me a copy for the archive.

    Mark Phillips
    PSDA Intructor Trainer - Texas

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