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    Talking Rescue Boats

    I'm just wondring what kind of boats yall use for rescue and reocvery? What length is good for a rescue, horse power, and what gear do you keep on it. Extra lights as in spot lights and emergency lights. If you have a picture feel free to post it. Thanks for all the input.

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    I belong to an all volunteer dept in southeast Ohio. We are the county dive team. Our county is one of the largest in the state. We have 66 miles of the Ohio River and many other smaller rivers and lakes. We currentle have 3 boats we use, a 14' alum with a 25hp outboard, a 16' fiberglass with a 45hp out board, and our most often used a 24' pontoon with an 80hp outboard. The pontoon is a joint venture with the Sheriff's office. It has 12 strobes 6 red / 6 blue independently operated, 2 docking / scene lights on the front, diver accesiable ladder on the side, and a honda generator for aux power 12v or 120v, we also use a sonar finder and have radio and cell phone onboard. Most of our dive gear is stored in a box van used by the dive team. The divers and gear are kept seperate from the boat due to the boat may have to travel some distance from the scene to launch. This way we can start a shore based rescue prior to the boat getting to the scene.


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