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    Post Still water rescue (cold)

    I am looking for any information (SOP's, SOG's, training outlines) for still water rescue operations in cold water. I am not having much luck through the usual channels. Any information will be appreciated.

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    My Dept. has just started a "Water Rescue" team that works hand in hand with our established Dive Recovery team. We are hashing out some new SOP's and I'll try to get you a copy of our standards. Do you only wan the cold water stuff, or would you like all of it?

    -FF D. Betka
    Norton Shores, MI

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    Sure, I would appreciate it if you sent me all you have on the subject, if it isn't too much trouble. You can send to:

    Jim Newberry
    Highlands Fire Department
    568 Kona Trail
    Flagstaff, Az 86001
    520-525-2808 (fax)

    Thanks for the help!!

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    check out Life Saving Resources. They have an extensive training program

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