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    Question Underwater Cameras for Search & Rescue

    Our department has been pondering whether or not an investment in one of these underwater search and rescue cameras would be justifiable. The cost is approximately $500, with additional charges for extra batteries.

    If you know of any department that has used, owns, or has had an experience with these underwater cameras please respond.


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    I'd suggest you do it, but get something that is versatile.

    We use a Snake Eye Camera. We originally got it for collapse since it's small and flexible. It has cable extensions that can be used on it, I believe we have a 25 foot one at the moment but you can get up to a 100 foot one.

    It can be attached to a pole, let flow free or also has a ring attachment that a diver can wear on their finger.

    This takes a lot of practice and training to get right, but it provides a clear picture since it lights up. All our water around here is black water, so if we can see with it, anyone can!

    Susan Bednar
    Forsyth Rescue Squad (Captain)
    Griffith Volunteer FD

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    Capt Grabowski PAPD,NAPD
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    Yes, You Need A Video System

    As a vetteran police/public sd I can
    say for fact that video is required equipment
    for any dive team. In the past I have used
    video to search polluted/hazmat water as
    well as overhead invironments that I would
    not even consider sending in one of my divers.
    I use helmet mounted, pole mounted, drop,robotic and vessel towed torpeedo cams.
    Remember video is cheep compared to risk.
    These systems have also allowed me to let
    none diving professionals such as the coronor and homicide detectives to work
    through my hands on scene. I have also backed my decisions as a underwater investigator with video tapes in questionable cases, what looks like a crime
    underwater does not always look like a crime on the surface and vise versa.
    There are many video systems on the market
    that are quite good. Do to a small budget
    all of the systems We use I design and make
    this is how we afford them. For more info
    email me or catch me at Professional Association Of Police Divers a msn community.

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