I read another report off a paddling website that said the two rescuers did not have a knife on them, but were actually cut loose by someone on shore or the floating platform....Who knows??? I've seen a couple of different stories already.

...I would NEVER tether myself to another person...even w/ a breakaway PFD and/or knife on me. ...And to tie yourself to a shoreline can be an option if you are highly trained, HIGHLY, HIGHLY trained in it and are making an attempt to save a saveable life. Someone that is pinned and barely staying above water or someone that just went down.

I'm not crazy about the 90minute time frame. Depends on how it is used. I would be willing to place myself at greater risk for someone on the fringe of drowning or I know to have just gone under than someone that has been down 90 minutes. I definitely don't place the two in the same rescue priority.