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    Post HELP with rafts & motors

    I am in the market for an inflatable and a motor. I am looking at the zodiac G-470 with a johnson 30hp or possibly a 55hp rescue pro. The raft seems small for what I would like to use ot for which is a dive team of four or a swift water rescue team of four with possible victims. I would like to hear from anyone with info on this possible combination. Thank You

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    We don't use a Zodiac so I don't know anything about the model you mentioned. We run a 19' Zumro dive through inflatable with a 90 HP jet. After the power conversion for the jet it is a 65 HP. It will carry 4 divers and 2 operator no problem. We also had a trolling motor installed for positioning. And a fish finder that works well for scanning the bottom. The guys at Zumro were very accommodating and excellent in customer service. The prices was very comparable to a zodiac if not cheaper. And they can sell the motor to you cheaper than anyone else. They do make 14' and 17' models as well. I posted a pic if you'd like anymore let me know.

    Good luck in your search.

    Chad M. Grieff

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    I'd suggest an inflatable with plenty of built in anchor / attachment points for swift water use. You'll regret saving a few dollars if on your first swift water rescue the handles you tied off to tear off of the boat.
    As for a motor, go for the largest that the transom will support. If divers will be working anywhere near the boat then a jet drive or at least a protected prop should be used.

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