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    About 2 years ago I joined the local dive team, which is run out of a ambulance corp. The problem is that we have about 25 certified divers covering a large county plus and the "lead divers" are a bunch of good old boys that doe not like new blood unless you are one of the golden boys. Its pretty sad we have only about 6 divers who ever get any action, over the last few months the team has undergone a restructure(there wasn't any before that) and they are making it almost impossible for new people to get involved without being at every function(weekly trainings). The impression some of us newer guys have is that they don't want any change UNLESS THEY CAN CONTROL IT(POWER STRUGGLE??)

    WHAT CAN WE DO??????
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    Are these guys overprotective ? Possibly...But without knowing there personalities, I can't say for sure ...It boils down to this, What is "their" level of training, certifications, and Etc. ??? They may have the "experience " but A leader also hones HIS knowledge as well !!! On the other hand , YOU have to prove yourself to them as competent, and willing to commit for the betterment of the team... You may have to take a back seat for a while but, eventually , if you make a good effort at team commitment, You may be one of the divers. THEY must realize they need to spread the WEALTH, and that means give time, experience, TRAINING, to the newer members. That is what makes a TEAM strong...NO "I" in TEAM.

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