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    Default Centracom 1 Console Equip Needed

    The City of Austin EMS is looking for anyone with Centracom 1 radio equip for sale or salvage. We are attempting to keep our current conventional system running until we implement a Trunked system w/in 2 years. If you have or know anyone who has some of this equipment please let me know. Motorola no longer supports it.


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    Telecommunications Engineering Associates (www.tcomeng.com) of San Carlos, California currently has Motorola Centracom Series I and II consoles in their warehouse and are looking for prospective buyers. The owner of the company, Daryl Jones can be contacted by E-Mail at daryl@tcomeng.com. I received information about this equipment being available approximately 1 week ago.

    Jeff P.
    City of Mountain View, CA

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