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    Does anyone know of any Dispatcher Unions in Mass. that small city or town civilian dispatchers can affiliate with? Are there any civilian dispatchers out there in a union already or in the process of forming their own union ? Any comments or help would be appreciated.


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    In my area, (cape cod), most of the Fire alarm operators are in the IAFF. However,
    Centerville Fire and Sandwich Fire both have their own dispatchers union. Also the Sheriffs department which is fire alarm for 4 departments as well as mutual aid control may be looking to form their own local. They had been an association in the past. Feel free to email me directly if you have more questions.

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    I work as a Police Dispatcher/Communications Specialist for the Delaware State Police. Our dispatchers have recently unionized with the Communication Workers of America (CWA). Have someone get in contact with your local telephone rep and they may be able to give you some info. The CWA represents AT&T's workers, baby Bell companies, Lucent, etc. I am sure there would be a local in your area willing to pick you up. They have done an outstanding job for us.

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