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    Michael Armstrong
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    Default Second Portables

    I am looking for procedures that define what extra portables on rigs are called. This includes radio designations. For example, "Engine 5 to Engine 5 extra portable". We now have an extra portable assigned to each rig and we are in the process of writing a procedure for their use.

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    The portables on our trucks are refered to as Portable (truck #). If an officer does not respond on the rig the firefighter in the officer seat takes the portable with him.

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    All our portables are identified either by assignment(attack team,ventilation,etc)or more often,by the id # of the person who is carrying it.It does'nt matter which rig it came off of.

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    Ken Apel
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    We have 12 portables the members carry with them. All radio traffic is by member id# unless it is for the rig itself. The departments in this area all operate this way and it seems to work fine.

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    the most simple way seems to be identifying yourself by the operation that you are doing.simply command from interior,command from roof.If your not doing a task at the time we use our pager number.

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    Our dept. has Car #'s assigned ( basically they are F/F #'s) and that number is used or if you are assigned a group (ie. Ventilation Group from Command) or a crew ( Crew Carnahan from Command )another area dept. has 2 portables per Engine and their designators( I think they still use them) are "141x" and "141 Double x"

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    In Indy we ID our portable radios by A,B,C,D.
    For example: Ladder13A is the officer. Ladder13 B and C are the two backstep guys, and Ladder13D is the Engineer. We are on a 800 trunking system that IDs the radios as such when you key the mike. If your worried about the distinction between "B" and "D" we say (Ladder13 "BAKER")and (Ladder13 "DAVID").
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    Officer is always refered to by apparatus assignment, i.e Engine 4, Engine 3 etc.

    Drivers are always apparatus names-1, i.e 4 1 (four one) the 3 and 4 designators are for the riders in the jump seats (four three, four four). Nobody really likes to ride jump seat of Engine 2 (two-two)

    Department policy is that at least 1 portable be assigned to each team.

    This works for us, but we are a small department and rarely have more than 14 firefighters on a fire scene.

    Ken Hanks
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