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    Is anyone using the APCO dispatch protocol? We have seen their demo program but are looking for anyone that is or has used APCO in the past. Please E-mail any replies

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    e33 Guest


    We used to use the APCO cards for medical calls. We have switched over to a new state system which seems alot more confusing. I liked the APCO cards better. As far as fire dispatching, we dont have any guidelines/cards.

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    stone35 Guest


    Our department uses the APCO system and it is really nice. The training course makes you a lot more aware of your duties and helps fine tune your dispatch skills. The cards are laid out alphabetically and they are easy to understand. I use them for mere reference, just to make sure that I CYA myself.

    Good Luck


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    BarryFurey Guest


    Our agency uses the APCO EMD cards extensively. All of our Fire / EMS dispatchers are certified, as are all of our call processors. We have certified instructors in-house, and have made minor modifications/updates to deal with local protocols. The program is certified by our agency's medical director, and has been in place for several years. We have several documented saves as a result of pre-arrival instructions, and are comitted to the program.

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