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    Default EMS / Fire co-responses on MVA

    Hi there! We're conducting a study to determine what the general pattern is for fire departments in cities with greater than 350K population for MVAs.

    Do you:
    a) respond on all MVAs;
    b) respond on all Charlie / Delta MVAs;
    c) not respond on MVAs until called by EMS;
    d) something else?

    Please let me know what the case may be in your department.

    Thanks in advance!


    Blake Kanewischer
    Calgary Fire Department
    Asst. Staff Development Officer

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    I'm not sure what you mean by MVA? But if it is in reference to Multi-Vehicle Accidents, we respond an Engine and RA (EMS) to all traffic collisions. We upgrade our response on determining factors - i.e., persons trapped, vehicle rollover, etc. - to include a Battalion Chief and a Truck Company (Hook/Ladder) for extrication and safety operations.

    We dispatch for 6 cities with a combined population of over 500,000 in Los Angeles County.

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    In the City of Austin, servicing 600-800K people, the fire department responds on any MVA that EMS responds on. The rational being, that 1) it provides extra medical assistance on the scene (all FFs are at least EMT-B) 2) prior to policy implementation, the FD ended up going on the majority of MVAs eventually once EMS got to the scene, it was deemed worthwhile to just initiate at the same time 3) # of fire units responding are upgraded for pinin/entrapments or hazmat involvement..

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