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    My disptach center currently disptaches 1 Sheriffs Office (w/ 2 channels), 7 Police depts,2 ambulances, and three major fire depts (over 60 pieces of apparatus and 600 volunteers) and we are doing all this with ONE disptacher! Th work load is unbelievable and we cannot always keep accurate times on everything. It is an unbelieveable mess when, we get two or more major incidents going. Is anyone else in this position? If so, How do you handle this?

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    Hello cf1,

    I would first like to say, "I FEEL YOUR PAIN!" I know exactly what you are talking about and welcome to the game. You surely have more to do than I do but I can still relate to your situation. There are a couple of solutions to you problem.

    First off if you are only having trouble with keeping times, no problem. If you have a dictaphone recorder in your office space learn how to play back the tape and get the times from the tape. If you don't have one suggest this to your supervisor and explain that your section is liable for keep accurate records in case of a court hearing in which your log book is a legal document.

    I've been doing this dispatcher thing for over a year and the best thing you can do is just get used to it. It's like running, when you start out it takes you 15 minutes to run a mile but after a while it only takes you 8. Same thing here, after a while you will get used to listening to all the different radios and answering the phones and all that stuff.

    I know that it is hard to imagine getting use to it but you will. Lastly I know there is a NFPA standard that says if you recieve over 1500 calls a year you are required to have 2 dispatchers. Now I don't know where to find that right off the top of my head but if you are interested in knowing more about that NFPA I will be happy to research it and get back to me. You can feel free to email me or just repost here and I will be on it like flies on SH**.

    I hope this helped, and if you have any more questions feel free to email me and I will be happy to help you in any way.



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