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    Ross Johnson
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    We are alerted via voice pagers and a house siren. The siren is crucial for us because in the middle of our town we have a college where we have approx 15 members from. Since our dept has a purchase your own pager policy, this siren alerts these college kids of alarms. Our hazmat team is alerted via alpha numeric pagers.

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    Andrew R. Duval
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    All of departments serviced by my dispatch center use the standard (lowband and VHF)voice pagers. During certain times, and for certain calls, they also utilize a station siren. Some departments are starting to experiment with Alpha-pageing. This seems to be working well. Some Firefighters carry only thier Alpha-pagers. The drawback is that we do not control the dispatch tower, it is handled by a private company. We access the company via a computer program and modem. If something happens to the tower, the pages do not go out. We are currently putting together a dispatch system for Alpha-pagers that we will control.


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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    The on duty crews are alerted to calls over the radio. Each Station has it's own tone, there is also an all call tone that activates the speakers and house lights in all 3 stations and an "attention tone" if a unit is on the road and has to be redirected.

    For off duty callbacks, we use a Motorola Minitor 2 paging system and an alpha-numeric paging system.

    Our frequencies are 858.4625 Mhz for fire dispatch/operations and 46.42 Mhz for paging.
    Two of our surrounding towns also use 46.42 with their own PL code for paging, we now use it as one of the mutual aid frequencies.

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    We are dispatched from the county 911 center. Up until the early 90's we maintained our own dispatch center. Notification is sent out on highband, a community siren, and alpha pagers. All members have alpha pagers and carry a Bendix-King or Kenwood portable. With the exception of the jr's who carry duracomm highband pagers

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