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    Post work schedules

    im looking for info on what other centers have for work schedules. the chief is looking to change ours, looking for ideas. thanx

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    Our centre has four platoons that work two 12 hour days, two 12 hour nights and four days off. Each shift has six staff members and can go down to five with holidays, illness, etc. If more than that our off, there are also four on-call people who back-fill the positions.


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    We have 3 platoons (days, eves,nights) w/ permanent night shift..Days/Eves rotate every 28 days. Each platoon has 3 shifts, A, B,and C. Each shift has 7 people and one shift is always off. We work 4 days on w/ 2 days off, and because that doesnt add up to 2080 hours a year, on our 5th and 6th week we have to work a 5th day, but we generally get around that by doing something outside the center, like visiting a fire station or something else semi work related. Mandatory schools also take the place of the extra work day sometimes.

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