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    mtfd38 Guest

    Thumbs down forced overtime

    how do you handle being forced to work overtime?, it seems i get forced overtime everytime 3rd shift calls of or takes vacation, the dispatchers have no union so filing a grievence is out of the question, i'm on the verge of burning out. any suggestions would be welcome.

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    Brad Barton Guest


    I understand your frustration. The guy I'm working with today got forced in because someone called in sick. We use a system of "hours". The number of hours of overtime a person has worked determines who is available to work the O/T. Sometimes it happens that several people are available, and other time (like today) only one person is available. The lower the hours of O/T worked the more likely you are to get forced. So, if you keep your O/T hours up you are less likely to get forced in on emergency O/T. It's a lot more complicated than that, but that's an overview.

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    Capt_46 Guest


    Our center is the same it goes by the number of hours of O.T. Ours is also done by the union. I feel for ya getting stuck to come in or stay late bites no matter how you look at it. Just have to grin and bear it its the nature of the job.

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    deanf Guest


    Just be glad your not forced into working an 18 with a 6 hour turnaround. Or maybe you are.

    That's really the only kind of forced overtime I could encounter (unless I'm dumb enough to answer my phone when I'm home.)

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