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Thread: 12 Hour Shifts?

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    To the beloved friends southeast of us in Saint Charles County... Hello and yes, we love our 12 hour shifts. We are staffed with 18 full time dispatch personnel, usually 4 on at a time, and this year we added 5 part time slots to assist with vacations etc. I work the 2 on, 2 off, 3 on, 2 off, 2 on, 3 off cycle. I get every other weekend off. We also have half of the staff on eight hour cycles. This works out well for those with little ones. Our shifts start at 0600 hrs to 1800 hrs for 12's, and 8 hour variations of the above schedule for the rest. My only complaint is we are on 3 month rotation cycle with about a weeks notice before the new schedule is in place. I am trying to get us to bid on a 6 month cycle with rotation every 3. The perk here is the ability to plan long range. Shift assignment is the sole discretion of management, though we turn in bids, no promise of senority.

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    i work in northern va and we currently work 2 12 hour days,then do a 24 hour turnaround and work 2 12 hour nites..with 4 days off..our days off are rotating...we've been surveyed till we're blue in the face about what shift we want to b on--its leaning towards the same one as mike from svfd is on...or,inadvertently staying where we are at..hopefully..we'll switch..the turnaround from day to nite is havoc on both ur physical and mental system..its not so much the 12 hours as it is switching from days to nites...

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    I work at Allegheny County 911, Eastern Regional Center in PA. All our employees work 8 hour shifts, 5 days consecutive with 2 days off. All shifts are bid upon based on seniority. We have given the option to the employees if they wanted to work 10 of 12 hour shifts, but the majority wanted to work a standard work week. They feel that working in the 911 center for 8 hours is long enough.

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    8 is long enough
    10 is streching it
    12 and i'm ready to murder!

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    Try doing 14 hour shifts!!! We work the most crappy shifts in the world. Work 2 10 hour days 08:00-18:00 and do 2 14 hour nights 18:00-08:00 with 1 day off rotation...

    This opinion is of myself and does not reflect any of the department or the city I am employed by.

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    I am a full time telecommunicator for our county communication center. I am also a volunteer with one fire department and a part-time/paid volunteer with another fire department. At our communication center we work a combination of 12 hour, 10 hour, and a 4 hour days. We are not allowed to work over 40 hours. We work Monday and Tuesday, 12 hours each day. Off on Wednesday. Work 4 hours on Thursday. Then we work 12 hours each on friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Off Monday and Tuesday. Work a total of 16 hours on Wednesday and Thursday, either 12 hours and 4 hours or 2-8 hour days). This sounds cmplicated, but it works. Night shift does vary somewhat from the above schedule.

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    I work for the Department of Emergency Communications for St. Mary's County in Maryland. We currently work 12 hour shifts and for the most part love them. We have been working them for about 6 years. We are not allowed to work over 40 hours a week. We work on a 7 week rotation. The first four weeks work out like this, we work 2-12 hour days 0700-1900, off 24 hours, then work 1-12 hour night shift 1900-0700. The fourth day we work a 4 hour shift which is either 1500-1900 or 1900-2300. Then we are off for 4 days. We work this shift for four weeks. The last three weeks we work 2-12 hour day shifts, off 24 hours, then work 2-12 hour night shifts, then 4 days off. It sounds confusing but it actually is a nice rotation. It beats the old rotation we use to work with 8 hour shifts. If there is any down fall to it, it is the transition between days and nights. I could not imagine going back to 8 hour shifts and working them the way we use to.

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    Originally posted by penguin:
    .[\B].the turnaround from day to nite is havoc on both ur physical and mental system..its not so much the 12 hours as it is switching from days to nites...[/B]
    *** HI penguin , someone in my office (Rochester NY 911) has been talking to someone in your office about thus . They got a differant opinion (as boss's will give & recv) than what you are saying . My office is thinking about the same schedule you have now , 2 12 days , 2 12 nights , 4 off. I for 1 agree with the "Physiology" asspect of the thing . Most major Police Dept's got away from "rotating shifts" years ago , but they always say , history will repeat itself , right! If you can shed any more lih=ght on this for me I'd appreciate it . Thanks LJN-psd / ljnolan@earthlink.net

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