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    Exclamation update on previous post

    To update my previous posting I have found out in the past week that our 911 center is recieving calls for our department and turning them over to the police department to check out before we are paged. As far as I know the only calls that are done this way are MVA's. I am aware of the time lost for our response due to this and the golden hour. My question is who would be responsible if something happened and a law suit was to take place. It is a rumor that our town administration has sent a letter to the 911 communication center requesting the police to check all motor vehicle accidents before we are paged. To me this is political bull. Waiting on replies, thanks and stay safe. Happy New Year.

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    OK. Now the situation is a little different than your last posting. As I understand it, you're basically asking if your fire department is open to a lawsuit if the communications center sends the police first to MVA's. I can't see how it could be.

    For example, say that there is an accident reported to your communications center and they send the police. Are you aware of that accident? No, not unless you've been paged-out. So since your fire department has no previous knowledge of this incident, I can't see how you could be held liable.

    Personally, I'd try to get my hands on this "letter" that your town sent to the comm center.

    Stay safe and watch out for the Y2Kooks!

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