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    Post communications/911

    Outr county recently went to an enhance 911 dispatch. However we lost our ability to monitor the emergency call to the dispatcher, something we had for over 20 years with the old system. Does anyone know if such a monitoring system is available with 911? We are being told by opur politician that it is not.


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    Ability to hear the emergency call? In the station? I guess my biggest question about that situation is, why would you *want* to hear the actual call? I don't know anything about your department, number of calls/day etc. However, I would think that hearing this information at all times of the day or night other than giving you a minute or so jump on a call would just be annoying.

    Along with being a firefighter/EMT I'm also a police/fire dispatcher and have been for about 10 years now. (that probably has something to do with why I don't see the point in hearing the entire call). My guess is that when someone in your area needs fire or EMS, they call a seven digit number specifically for the fire department. That phone line is simply routed through a speaker at your station allowing you to hear the call.

    With E-911 going into effect, I don't think that you and your partners in the station want to hear every 911 call. Keeping in mind that the majority of 911 calls are not emergencies in the first place, I'm sure you don't want to hear when someone lost their dog, parked in *their* reserved parking space or just called to see if their speed dial works.

    Also, when a 911 call is recieved, as soon as the dispatcher picks up the phone, a portion of the phone signal is sent to a central phone/address computer that is probably in another state (I work in Wisconsin and ours is in Indiana). So, by routing the call thru a speaker in the station that might screw up the dispatcher getting the name, address and phone number of the person needing help.

    Sounds like your department is going to be missing out on hearing the calls, and believe me, that might not be a bad thing.

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