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    Any info on pros/cons about central dispatch would be greatly appreciated,our current system has delays that could be the difference.

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    Brad Barton
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    "Central Dispatch"
    I assume you are refering to a system where all public safety is dispatched from 1 location. This system works well. However, I have worked in such a system and the problem I have noticed is when the dispatchers are cross-trained to be both Fire/EMS dispatchers and law enforcement dispatchers. There is so much to learn with just one type of dispatching, to learn both is overwhelming. I've seen this approach of "cross-training" lead to high turn-over in 2 different dispatch centers.
    I currently work in a system which we (Fire/EMS) are totally seperate from law enforcement. It works very well.

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    Hello, Central Dispatch is commom around Here, most of them are Located in the County Sheriffs Dispatch and all County 911 request are taken there, The incorporated Cities usualy have there own, the Dispatcher are EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) qualified and have one Central Tone board for Dispatching VFDs, There are USUALY 2 Dispatchers on at a Time, mainly for Law Enforcement Commo but one will handel Fire/EMS Traffic when required,, We also have a backup system in place also, ALL Chiefs were issued Alpha Pagers by the County and in the event of a Commo Problem or inability to tone out a Dept the Dispatcher may Alpha Page us to get the ball rolling,, all this was paid for by a Grant from FEMA, Through our LEPC,, Local Emergency Planning Committee... However if your Sheriff is not interested try contacting someone else or elect a New one,, I hope this Helped

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    Our Fire Department has a central dispatch, which is Law Enforcement, and Fire/Rescue combined. I f you are going to due this make sure your dispatch is manned by two dispatchers and a dispatch console in which the dispatchers can talk to both the fire department and police officers at the same time. When they have a system like ours, you often over lap calls with the police. In which case if an officer is on his way to a domestic he needs to be able to talk to dispatch. But what happens when at the same time the fire department is working a structure fire or code. Then what, who does the dispatch talk to. You see my point. A single dispatch system is not effective when they are responsible for two or more different departments. Good Luck

    Captain Hoss

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