As you have read on my other topics my county has no real type of central dispatch, we must rely on the 4 law enforcement dispatchs to forward calls to fire or ems agencies which can sometimes do to human error be misdirected or delayd (truely by error not intentionally). Are county serves to a very high volume of tourist, from all around the world, wonder if they just assume we have someone to help them over the phone in a real emergency. They might think twice about where to spend their vacation (money) a most important part of our economy county wide. We need a system that will not take away from the law enforcement but at the same time will provide emd's to help one and all. if you can give me the needed guidance or direction so peace can be keeped between all agencies and provide the public at large with the possible service one would expect. Many thanks to all that take the time to read this and more thanks to all who answer it.

Todd of Tn.

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