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    mwg911man Guest

    Post Unit dispatch

    Like a thumbs up or down response to unit dispatching vs company dispatching. Conducting survey for study I am doing.

    Mike Gray
    SVFD Co.4

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Score this however you want...

    My county primarily dispatches by company, with allowances for designated units, but it's clumsy (e.g. "Companies 56 & 59, Company 57 with Ladder 57, Reported structure fire...").

    My personal opinion...specialized, unit-by-unit dispatch is the way to go. Send exactly what you need from where you need it, leaving the other units at those stations to cover, for the next alarm, etc. I was in a different county with such a system in the past, and I think it's superior in terms of efficiency and functionality.

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    firedan69 Guest


    the county in which i live dispatches the department(company) who has jurisdiction first then relies on the first unit at the scene to determine what else is needed.(ie: air, water or manpower etc),however the Dept.i dispatch for dispatches the units, Eng. 311 Eng 314 medic 303 etc.

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