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Thread: Memory

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    Question Memory

    Conducting a personal survey. Would like to know how far back your agency keeps records of past critical calls? (ie. posible court cases) How long do they keep tapes of calls?

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    we reuse our tape through out the year, any calls where there may possiblely have been a screw up or an outstanding job was done or just an interesting call are copied off the original and then we reuse the tape....if there is a possibility of it going to court in the future....we replace it.

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    Brad Barton
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    We use 2 Dictaphone DAT recorders.
    We rotate 200 DAT tapes thru the 4 decks which takes about 2 1/2 years. We take a tape out of the rotation when there is a call that may be summoned to court.

    IAFF Local 1889

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