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    I have a question and I thought this might be the best place to ask it. I have a 2-way radio for a first-aid squad I'm on and on it you program in your own channels.
    After some problems I had with it, I decided to test it out with a scanner. Our channel, "Med 4", which is 155.175 and when I transmitted, it went over a different channel, the county dispatch, 154.430. Big problem, considering I only have one channel in programed in the radio. I did previously have 154.430 on there for listening purposes, but erased it and I'm positive it's gone out of the radio. Would that be the problem. I also was holding the radio near the scanner when it went over dispatch, but when I went far away, it was fine and went over Med 4.
    I'm trying to get a radio technician take a look at it, but I was just curious if anybody would know what the hell is wrong with it. Thanks a bunch.
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    With your hand held being so close to your scanner you might have just had bleed over. A friend of mine with a rather strong CB was talking to me on a camping trip. The ranger station he was near got a little upset because his transmission was going over their radio. Different freq altogether, but because he was right around the corner from them it bled over. Just a thought

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