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    Question Text paging for dispatchers

    I am looking for info. about text paging. I am doing a study for my Comm. Center about using Text paging to notify our Dispatchers about emergency callbacks, severe weather, overtime etc.
    Did your entire staff agree to carrying the pager and if so, was there any extra incentives or a pay premium involved?

    Did your union get involved?

    Any help in the issue would be greatly appreciated.

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    Jeffrey Casson
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    My dispatch center uses text pagers for overtime information, recall, and general information. Due to our small amount of full-time dispatchers(9) and part-time dispatchers(16) we have a limited resources for large emergencies, we are required to carry them unless we are on vacation or get permission from our director. They work very well and we actually use them as notification devices for the agencies we service(Police,Fire,EMS,Special Operations). These are tied into our CAD system and generate group pages to those agencies or notify the chiefs of certain type calls. Our paid FD also uses them for their recall and 2nd 3rd and General alarm assignments.

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