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    Post EMD training ideas ?

    I have recently been given the task of organizing and implementing a training program for the EMD's in our center. What I'm looking for is some new ideas from other centers that they use. I know Medical Priority has some training material available, but I'm looking for other locations as well. Does anyone currently use the Pro Qa and CD training from Medical Priorioty? Pro's, con's and over all feelings towards it.
    We are long overdue for this and I forsee it as a challenge.
    To all that respond, I thank you and wish you the best in your endevors.


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    I work for Allegheny County 911, Eastern Regional Center in Pennsylvania. I am a supervisor at the center and in charge of training. We have been using Medical Priority for 11 years. We started with the flip cards (which we still have) and then added the Pro QA CD version about 8 years ago. Although Medical Priority is expensive, it is the top of line program and I highly reccomend it.

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    Just a thought for you...might I suggest you devise your own training program...most of those programs are great for the "cookie cutter" agency. If you have unique needs (try working for an airport comm center), then consider that approach. I have several unique ideas if you are interested. For our EMD, we use Medical Priority, and all of our dispatchers go thru their academy, as it's across town. But if you're talking re-certs and all of that, let me know.

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